Call For Artists

Bayview Press publishes fine art cards, gift enclosures, blank books, magnets and a select number of prints. Our primary business is the marketing of our card line–at present we have 250 images to offer, with nearly 500 active accounts (shops that sell our cards). Every year we solicit images from artists already in the line, and we receive countless portfolios from artists who have seen/bought our cards around the East Coast.

In November, we decide how many new cards the line should have, and then go through the process of selecting from artists’ offerings what we feel would be most marketable. The “chosen” artists then receive contracts that enable the use of those images.

The actual selection process is strictly subjective, based on our original concept of promoting contemporary representational imagery. Over the years we’ve learned what has worked successfully, what our market area would buy, and what maintains the quality of the card line.

We seek out clean, strong, uplifting, painterly work. We do not use illustrations. Browse through our site to help understand our direction. By far our strongest sales area is New England, but we have shops in the mid-Atlantic states, and then Michigan and Washington state. We still, basically, look for work that speaks to our New England buyers.

If you’d like to submit art or suggest an artist for our consideration, please send us email at You are welcome to submit jpegged images, either via email or on a disk to our PO Box listed below. Invite us to see your website or link to provide feedback on your work’s appropriateness for our line. We will acknowledge receipt and provide feedback. Items sent will be returned if a SASE is provided.

Thanks for your interest!